Your Comp Card

This is the most essential thing for every model in this world! A comp card is like a ticket in the model world. You will need the comp card for each of your interviews to showcase your person. Clients and agencies need to see how do you look like on photos. ModelsBooking.com is offering you a glamourous comp card with all detail informations about your person. Sizes from your body and the most stunning pictures will be as well part of your comp card.

We are offering 2 diffrent possibilities:


 Digital Comp Card

The basic version is the digital comp card as a .pdf file.

You can easily sent this comp card to all your customers or agencies to apply for jobs. As well it is always possible to sent the digital comp card to your local printer and print out as much examples as you need.



Printed out Comp Card

The second way is to order the printed out comp card. We will print out your comp card on the perfect paper material and you will hold a finish product in your hands to go on with your model carreer.

We are offering different amounts of copies from 100 pcs to 1000 pcs






incl. Tax / Comp Card will be sent by email

  •   100 pcs - $120,00
  •   250 pcs - $130,00
  •   500 pcs - $140,00
  • 1000 pcs - $150,00

incl. Tax / excl. shipping costs to your country




For ordering your own comp card please fill out the form below. Please note that we need 1 high resolution picture for the front cover and a minimum of 4 pictures for the back page of the comp card. As well you need to provide us your sizes like shown in the example above. After checking your files we will get in touch with you with the payment informations.


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Our Team

ModelsBooking.com is a global network consisting of modelscouts, photographer, stylists and VIPĀ“s of the model industry. We are working very close together with tv production companies and fashion brands which are choosing models of our database day by day. All our clients and business partners are able to choose models of our database or to take models of our agency. Whether if rookie or professional you will find the best matching model for your event in our database. Our consultants are taking time for every client to satisfy his needs. Contact us today. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Photographer

Our photographers will draw attention to you! We are working together solely with professionals which are able to present you in the proper light! We will bring out the best of our models. If you still do not have professional pictures for your comp card please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment for your shooting with one of our photographers. If you need any further informations please contact one of our consultants at:  fotoshooting@modelsbooking.com

Our Models

Our agency models are the best of the best! We are signing only to choosen models to whom we can gaurantee jobs. Our global operating clients and business partner are trusting our company and appreciate our professional service inside of our agency. Our models know exactly their job and hand their work in time for their clients. We are responsible for our models! We are looking forward to solve any problems if you are impatient with something. We will make sure that your campagne or event will be without any delay and the job of our model will be finished in time.